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Product Liability and Personal Injury

The personal injury and related tort matters typically involve catastrophic injuries from death of the victim to life-altering injuries to the brain, nervous system, or other major orthopedic or bodily function.  The matters handled can be anything from a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of a person or entity, to a sophisticated product failure, either as the result of a product or component malfunction, or defect in design, or a failure to warn of defects, which can vary from simple mechanical or electrical design, to toxic chemical exposure, to complex software or firmware defects.

Personal injury and other tort matters we have handled include the following:

  • Plaintiff executive suffered permanent brain damage in fall from Segway two wheel vehicle.  Product liability action for defective operating software and firmware. 

  • Plaintiff Deputy Sheriff arrested by store security officers, who falsely accused the deputy of shoplifting, effected a civilian’s arrest, had police transport and book the deputy, and twice attempted  prosecution for shoplifting. Verdict $3,250,000.

  • First party bad faith action against offshore medical insurance carrier which refused to pay plaintiff’s medical bills under health insurance policy. Verdict:  $3,200,000.

  • Intoxicated driver runs stop sign and broadsides to vehicle, causing brain damage to broadsided driver, and quadriplegia to intoxicated driver.  Street design defect claim against city. Settled after plaintiffs’ verdict on liability against city (defective street design), while the jury was deliberating on damages.  Total Settlement: $3,057,148. 

  • Wrongful death action by families of two USDA supervisors against pharmaceutical company, related companies and healthcare providers.  USDA employee diagnosed with depression and under treatment with antidepressant shot and killed plaintiffs' decedents, and then committed suicide, in USDA office. 

  • Plaintiff driver of  truck/trailer parked on shoulder of road.  Plaintiff injured by approaching truck which hit rear of trailer.  Residual brain damage and orthopedic injuries. 

  • Plaintiff beaten by nightclub security guard. Skull fracture, coma, and rehabilitation.

  • 62 year old commercial property maintenance engineer killed during employment, on employer's premises, when 19 year-old manlift he was driving failed to brake on driveway slope.  Wrongful death action by wife of 42 years and 4 adult children against manufacturer, property owner(s) and management company.

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